Sunday, April 15, 2012

Muscovy Ducks & Chicken Swap

We had a great turnout at the swap in Hephzibah.
We got a trio of Blue Fawn Muscovy ducks while we were there.
Our ducks are approximately 2 months old.
Some muscovy will start laying at
about 6 months old, so we could have eggs as
early as this summer.
Once we have eggs from our ducks
we will offer them for sale for eating.
I will also incubate some and once fertility
is determined will offer hatching eggs for sale as well.

There was a lot of vendors at the swap,
there were chickens, ducks, pigs, rabbits and pigs.
Lots of people showed up and did a lot of browsing.
Barnharts did a great job of setting up for us,
it was very organized and easy to navigate and set up.

Please visit my For Sale page
to see the animals that did not
get sold at the swap.
There are still several birds that need
to find homes.