Sunday, June 17, 2012

Certified Candler

Well, I finally got the time and chance
to do the required class to get
my candling license.
Yay, I am now able to sell my eggs
off the farm, at local farmers markets.
Before I was only able to sell them from
my farm property.
The class was informative.
I will now have eggs available at my
moms little shop "With Love on the Corner"
located in Hephzibah, Ga.
If you are interested in getting some farm fresh eggs you
may find me there when I have extras available.
The address is 2526 Hwy 88.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chicks growing out.

Love watching my little serama growing up,
getting their big bird feathers and changing colors.
Right now all the chicks I have
on the ground are from pairing
Jenna with Kotaro and Pichi.
I had Jenna, Kotara, Pichi and Zita all housed
together, but Zita very rarely lays....
So here is what I have for babies growing out right now.
Can't wait till they get a little bigger so I
can decide who will be staying and who will
be going to new homes!

I just got some new birds so the girls have been
moved around to new boys.
If I find that these chicks are really good I
may put Jenna back in with Pichi or Kotaro.
I am really trying to get some other colors though,
so I am going to hatch off with the new pairings for now.
I expect all the babies from Pichi, Kotaro and Jenna to be
different shades of wheaten and will most likely all be barred in
some form or another.
So far all of their babies look very much alike.
As you can see below, these are two different boys,
but it really looks like the same boy at different ages.


Monday, June 11, 2012

New birds!

Our serama flock is growing.
I picked up 4 new hens and 2 new roosters
yesterday, along with a pair of call ducks.
I sold all of the Muscovy, Old English Game Bantams,
Ameracauna and Easter Eggers.
My goal right now is to have my
Buff Orpingtons for eggs and meat,
and my Serama for show.
We also have Turkey and guinea for
fun and pest control.
 Here is one of my new Trios of Serama.
I will add pictures as I am able to get them,
the weather has been really dark and wet
lately, so it's not a great time for
taking photos.

This is my newest trio,
Booth, Linette and Cameo.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Babies!

Drove all the way to Atlanta today
 to get some new Serama!
I have such a great husband,
he tolerates my chicken addiction
pretty well!
I got my new lovelies from
Carolyn Baars of
I already love my little guys!
Today I got Carlin, Malin and Cosette
but I also got Zita from Carolyn last year.
Hope you enjoy!
Malin (Little Warrior)

Cosette (Little Pet)

Carlin (Little Champion)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Serama Nursery

Some of my newly hatched Serama chicks.
Each picture is a different bird.
Once I decide who I am going to keep the
rest will be available for sale.
If your interested keep checking back,
Those for sale will be
posted on the Available Birds page.

These chicks are from Jenna and Kotaro.