Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Turkey and Chicks
In Our Brooder
Right Now

Two of our little turkeys,
we have 10 more eggs in the incubator.
We have some that are scheduled to hatch
this weekend, on May 5th.

Here is a little group shot.
Can you believe the two yellow/white
birds were hatched out on the same day!
The one of the left is a serama,
the one on the right is an EE.
Look at the size difference in these guys!
You can also see the two turkey and another
EE in there as well.

A better pic to see the size difference
between the serama and EE.

And this is a better pic of my other EE,
I got this little chick from an egg given to me
by a good friend.
It came from a beautiful blue egg.
It looks like it is going to have a full beard and muffs.
Can't wait to see all these little guys grown up!

Lots of eggs in the incubator so come back
to see what more we have hatch out.
I also have eggs for hatching available for sale,
and chicks available for sale.