Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chicks growing out.

Love watching my little serama growing up,
getting their big bird feathers and changing colors.
Right now all the chicks I have
on the ground are from pairing
Jenna with Kotaro and Pichi.
I had Jenna, Kotara, Pichi and Zita all housed
together, but Zita very rarely lays....
So here is what I have for babies growing out right now.
Can't wait till they get a little bigger so I
can decide who will be staying and who will
be going to new homes!

I just got some new birds so the girls have been
moved around to new boys.
If I find that these chicks are really good I
may put Jenna back in with Pichi or Kotaro.
I am really trying to get some other colors though,
so I am going to hatch off with the new pairings for now.
I expect all the babies from Pichi, Kotaro and Jenna to be
different shades of wheaten and will most likely all be barred in
some form or another.
So far all of their babies look very much alike.
As you can see below, these are two different boys,
but it really looks like the same boy at different ages.