Thursday, September 27, 2012

Handmade Soaps

A New Adventure!
Well, I am going to try and make some
handmade soaps this fall. 
The chickens are gonna slow down laying a 
lot and I won't be hatching any eggs
this fall because I don't
like keeping chicks in the house 
as long as they would need to be kept in
out of the cold. 
I am still going to be offering hatching eggs though,
more than usual since I won't be 
hatching any myself.

So my adventure for the fall is going to be 
trying my hand at making soaps!
I have been doing a LOT of research on the subject.
There is so much to learn. 
It seems it can be a pretty dangerous endeavor if
you don't put in the proper time to educate yourself.

My main focus is going to be on making some soaps for 
my family and for gifts for Christmas.
I am finding lots of great recipes and 
tips and tricks and I just want to try them all!

My son suffers from baby eczema and I have found
some really promising recipes for soaps that
should help give him some relief. 
I am also thinking really hard about making some 
soaps for myself and my husband for hunting season.
We are both avid bow hunters.
I think it would be really great to make some soaps that
would serve as good cover scents for when we 
are in the woods stalking our prey.

Donald made me a great little soap loaf mold yesterday
and I have been out purchasing all my needed supplies. 
So far I am starting with some basic oils and a few
of the added benefit oils, mainly for my son....

If I get really good at it I may start a whole new blog 
dedicated just to my soaping, I haven't
decided on that just yet. 
It's already hard enough for me to keep this blog updated,
I would love to post more here than I do!
Plus I have the photography blog that has
really been suffering lately....
Oh well!
The baby and the hubby come first!

Do you make soap?
Share your favorite recipe
or any tips or tricks of the trade!

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