Monday, November 12, 2012


I have been making soap and just really loving it. I have a few bars that have cured enough that I have some available for sale. You can check out BOTH of the pages I have on the blog here concerning my soaps. One page is just dedicated to information about my soaps with LOTs of pictures of my soaps and how I make them and the different properties of the ingredients. The other page is just for the soaps I have available for sale. I only make small batches so I can't guarantee how long each batch will be available. I am selling my soaps based on their weight and the cost of the oils that go into them. Some oils are pretty pricey and that will be reflected in the price of the bars. But, the better oils are really great for your skin, so you will also notice a big difference in the "feel" of the bar on your skin!

Soaps available to purchase.
My Home Grown Soaps